Inspirational Art

Recreating the Art Deco Style

Opulence in the modern world is understated as many people have returned to the mid-century modern style of furnishing as homes, but there are still those who prefer the ornate beauty of art deco objects. For them, embellishment is part of the beauty they want surrounding them. Rather than care about clean lines and lack of clutter, they are seeking a warm and cozy feeling. For people who create furniture, the art deco style might be just what they want to use as their inspiration.

Many artists and furniture makers who create their own originals have found it is best to create pieces that have a connection with a certain style. Art deco is one of the most difficult, and it takes a good eye for detail. While it might seem a waste of time, those who love this particular design period are often willing to pay top dollar for pieces that are originals or even reproductions. If they find it impossible to get those, they are often open to exploring pieces that retain the style but have an original design.

A good grasp of geometric shapes is an important part of this style, so those who are interested in learning to recreate it will know they must pay attention to the shapes they create within each piece. Chairs are very popular, but they must have a solidly square shape to even begin to fit into an art deco home. On top of the basic geometry, there must be carved embellishments on the arms, legs and even the back of the chair. Adding a fabric with its own intricate geometric design is the best way to finish the piece.

Recreating the era between the two World Wars is not always easy, so any artist or furniture maker should be prepared to spend long hours at their task. In the end, they will find there are still those who want to enjoy this style in their homes today.