Inspirational Art

Modern Artistic Tastes

The Art Deco and Industrial Art fashions may seem to have passed into history, but they have been partially revived since their decline. Mid-century modern design, while not a direct descendant of these styles, did incorporate the straight lines of Industrial Art as well as the some of the colors associated with Art Deco styles. Current art trends see collectors and home decorators seeking out mid-century pieces of furniture, but it doesn’t stop there.

Straight lines are one of the ways interior designers make a space look larger, and this is the appeal of mid-century modern. This was also a fundamental part of the age of Industrial Art, and smaller living spaces being constructed today have adapted these designs. Many who choose straight lines are looking for a clean space with little clutter, and this is seen in both the Industrial and Mid-century Modern styles.

Modern design is not as Spartan as many believe, and pops of color are an important way to add warmth and charm to any space. This is one of the ways Art Deco style has been melded into modern designs of sparseness and straight lines, and it is used to add pops of color through living areas. These draw the eye to a particular area, but they also invite people to move toward them.

Smaller living spaces must be functional, but leaving out warmth and charm does not create a home from a house. The look of space in a small area gives people a sense of freedom, but it must be dressed to be successful. Character has become part of what people seek in modern décor, and a variety of small items are used to embellish spaces. While not as ornate as the Art Deco style, many of them incorporate the same principles to decorate smaller modern homes.