Inspirational Art

Living with Art

Apartment buildings have long been a stylish way of life in big cities, and Art Deco helped enhance these structures before the First World War. Known for its bold geometries and long lines, it was featured on new buildings being erected. Modern cities no longer looked like a collection of boxes, they were festooned with art. Apartments in these buildings became popular as luxury accommodations, and this drove the market for this style once the war was finished.

Living in a modern apartment building during the 1920’s and 1930’s was considered an opulent lifestyle, and it was a measure of success. The beauty of the building was not just on the outside, it was reflected on the inside to showcase the art of the period. Long vertical lines and bright colors were prevalent as luxury fixtures inside these buildings. Apartments, small or large, were ornate and decorated to fit into the décor of the building.

While the first war did interrupt the lifestyles of many in Europe, it remained popular and was part of the rebuilding effort. Buildings that had been damaged were restored, and architects designed new buildings for people returning. This gave a needed boost to artists, designers and furniture makes who might not have been able to recover their professions. The demand for luxury was high, and society heard the call.

There are still buildings in this style that remain in the major metropolis areas of the Western World, and many of them are inhabited today. While the world has moved past this style of architecture and art, it remains a symbol of opulence. Those who prefer these buildings are looking for a lifestyle that celebrated a more innocent time when peace ruled the world, and it continues to give them a sense of luxury and prosperity.