Inspirational Art

Exploring the Art Deco Style

There are few times when the world as a whole is at peace, and the time between the two World Wars was one of prosperity for many countries. People who were weary of war found life to be a celebration, and they found ways to add this feeling to the material items in their lives. Exploring this historic world is a gratifying way to add colour to any day, and learning about its current revival can be an anodyne to the spirit as well as the d├ęcor of any home.

Furniture is an often overlooked facet of the movement, yet much of the upholstery styles from that day are being recreated in the modern world. Some of them are labelled as Mid-Century Modern, and others are thought of as Impressionist. These styles are usually descended from Art Deco, and they are well worth learning about when seeking unique styles for decorating any room in a home.

Ceilings, walls and flooring are currently neutral in colour and design, so decorating in modern homes is done with furniture, accessories and wall art. While there are plenty of styles and colours available for furniture, this style is unique in that it is a focus for the eye with bold geometric patterns and colours that stand apart from the everyday. With limited places to add colour and design, using upholstery fabric printed in the Art Deco style can make a dull room suddenly become alive.

Bold patterns on large pieces of furniture might seem to be too much for the average decorator, but their ability to blend with other objects in the room will keep them from becoming overwhelming. A knowledgeable decorator understands that the original patterns were bold to lift the spirit and spread a feeling of celebration to life, and those who want those feelings will learn that this is one of the best parts of the past that can be created today.