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When it became popular, Art Deco was incorporated into entire lifestyles. Jewelry, fashion, textiles and paintings were all part of the movement. Many of the pieces were designed to be high-end, and only the rich could afford them. As the style disseminated throughout Western culture, accessibility for those without excessive wealth was granted. Items such as posters were very popular with those who could not afford the paintings, and jewelry was designed that was affordable for the masses.

The basis of Art Deco is built upon geometry, and it is combined with color for an overall style. Creating furnishings, textiles and jewelry were part of this decorative genre. Visual arts are highly represented in this art style, and they were used to create modern clothing for their time. Wearing them gave the users a sense of opulence they might not find anywhere else.

Clothing needs accessories, and these were widely available. Jewelry is always a popular item as an accessory, and many designers matched their wares to the popular prints of the day. They created a booming fashion industry with their work, but it did not stop there. Purses, shoes and belts were also a part of this movement, and they were produced in quantity for those with a taste for modern lifestyles and bright colors. Color became a large part of this genre as it helped to outline the geometric shapes it embraced.

Over time, clothing styles fade almost as fast as the colors that are printed on them. While it had a great run for several decades, the world became more somber during the 1940’s. People chose to return to simpler lines in their clothing, accessories and buildings. This helped the movement to fade into the past as the world geared up for yet another war.