Polar Race - Arctic 2003


About the Polar Race

The Polar Race is inspired and organised by a team led by two of the best of "modern day" British Adventurers Jock Wishart and David Hempleman-Adams.

In 1996 they organised the "expedition with a difference" when they successfully took 10 novices selected from 500 applicants on the first ever televised trek to the North Magnetic Pole - " The Ultimate Challenge"

Jock Wishart Jock

David Hempleman-Adams David

Six years later the two men have joined forces again to recreate their historic trek but this time as a race!

The gruelling race starts from Resolute Bay in the former North West Territories of Canada. It takes the contestants some 350 miles across some of the most desolate terrain in the world to the North Magnetic Pole.

Just to survive in this terrain takes courage, but to race requires a willingness and determination beyond the norm.

The Polar Race is the first ever race held in such extreme conditions. It is for a few hardy men and women who want to test their endurance to the very limit.

Those competitors who finish the course will be able to proudly claim they have completed...

"probably the world's toughest race."

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